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[it continues except some venues] Local childcare classroom

Last update date January 22, 2021

About correspondence to affect new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention

※Onda community care plaza stops for the time being.
We take preventive measures against infectious diseases of new coronavirus and, about local childcare classroom, carry out.
For details, please confirm the following in different one for each venue.
It becomes first-come-first-served basis (※ telephone no appointment necessary). When venue is crowded, you have to wait or may decline participation. Thank you for your understanding.
In addition, about future administration, we may change by the situation. We will place the latest information in this page at any time.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but, to all of you, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please being careful in participation

・I would like thermometry and physical condition confirmation beforehand. When child and protector have fever 37.5 degrees Celsius or more and common cold-like symptom, you cannot participate.
・Mask wearing of protector would like cooperation for infection prophylaxis.
・Please refrain from meal in venue. In addition, please bring to home about filth.
・We make capacity for each venue to avoid 3 dense o.
・When venue is crowded, you have to wait or may decline participation. Thank you for your understanding.

With local childcare classroom

It is meeting of 0 years old child and protectors of the first child of Aoba Ward residence. We may be participation possibility after later-born depending on venue. For more details, please confirm the following itinerary.
We perform information exchange about advice and child care of childcare by health nurse, the making of friend in area.

Holding time

※Concerning venue and capacity, the end time may be mixed up. Thank you for your understanding.


 Goods (please prepare for hot water for milk respectively) which go out such as diaper, bath towel, milk                                     ※Moegino community care plaza is necessary for shoes bag, slippers.


 Participating venue becomes one. Please refrain from participation in plural venues.

Illustration of childcare classroom
State of childcare classroom

Late 2020 (from October through March)

Schedule of late 2020
Main target name of a street Venue Day October November December January February March

Nara, Naracho
※Participation is possible after later-born

Nara District center
(1843-11, Naracho)
WED 28 25


27 24 24

Onda, Akanedai
※Participation is possible after later-born

Onda community care plaza
(2-8, Akanedai)
THU 15 19 Holiday


18 18
Sumiyoshidai, Wakakusadai
Katsura stand, Sakuradai
Wakakusadai district center
(20-5, Wakakusadai)
TUE 6 10 1 Holiday 2 2
Tana, Enokigaoka, Shofuudai
2, Aobadai
Enokigaoka west community hall
(31-11, Enokigaoka)
MON 12 9 14 Holiday 8 8
Shiratoridai, Satsukigaoka
Umegaoka, Tsutsujigaoka
Satsukigaoka community care plaza
(12-1, Satsukigaoka)
TUE 13 10 8 Holiday 9 9
1, Aobadai
Moegino community care plaza
(4-2, Moegino)
MON 26 Holiday 22 Tuesday 25 22 22

Kamoshida, servant of a Buddhist temple, Nareai
※Participation is possible after later-born

Municipal Kamoshida house meeting place
(512, Kamoshidacho)
WED 14 11 9 Holiday 10 10

Chigusadai, Shitaya book, Fujigaoka
※Participation is possible after later-born

Chigusadai club
(22-13, Chigusadai)
WED 7 4 2 Holiday 3 3
Kakinokidai, Mitakedai
Upper Tanimoto
Mitakedai community house
(30, Mitakedai)
THU 8 12 10 Holiday 18 11
Ichigao Viola Ichigao community care plaza
(25-6, Ichigaocho)
WED 28 25 Holiday 27 24 24
Eda, Edakita, Edanishi Oguro community hall
(484, Edacho)
MON 12 9 14 Holiday 8 8
Daiba, Misuzugaoka
Kurosuda, Kuroganecho, Mominokidai
Kurosuda community hall
(14-7, Kurosuda)
TUE 13 10 8 Holiday 9


Utsukushigaoka 4.5 chome
Yamauchi community house
(5-4, Utsukushigaoka)
WED 7 4 2 6 3 3
Utsukushigaoka 1-3 chome Tama-Plaza community care plaza
(2-1-15, Shinishikawa)
WED 21 18 16 20 17 17
Shinishikawa 2-4 chome Tama-Plaza community care plaza
(2-1-15, Shinishikawa)
MON 19 16 21 Holiday 15 15
・Azaminominami 3.4 chome
Azamino Hall
(2-25, Azamino)
THU 1 5 3 Holiday 4 4
1, Shinishikawa ・
Azaminominami 1.2 chome
Yamauchi district center
(2-3-2, Azamino)
WED 14 11 9 Holiday 10 10
Utsukushigaokanishi, Ekoda, Susukino Utsukushigaokanishi district center
(3-60-15, Utsukushigaokanishi)
MON 26 30 Holiday 25 22 22

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