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The hello baby visit business, mother and the child visit business

Last update date May 28, 2020

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* Hello baby visit
 After Monday, June 1, we reopen as soon as we are ready.
* The mother and the child visit business
 After Monday, June 1, we reopen as soon as we are ready.

For birth of baby "congratulations" from area!

... hello baby visit business ...

Your local person visits family having baby and celebrates birth of baby and sends local child care information of childcare classroom or child care open space. Someone familiar can do it triggered by this visit in area and expects that ring of child care support spreads.

Q: Home for visit?


A: Targeting at all families, we visit ninarumadeo indication for four months after birth.

Q: How do you visit?
A: If baby is born, separately from birth registration form (procedure for family register), you have window of the Health and Welfare Center 37th provide "birth contact vote" attaching to "maternity record book" directly, or please send by mail.

Q: What is visit?
A: We visit after having promised the date and time from member of visit on the telephone beforehand. At the time of visit, we provide local child care information at the door for around ten minutes from five minutes. Let baby meet by all means.

Q: What kind of person is member of visit?
A: We hold child care open space in area and entrust from the mayor toward local welfare officer children's committee and chief children's committee, the child care supporter concerned with the welfare health practice and have you be in charge of area that usually works.
We perform the training about child care, and there is confidentiality for information at the time of visit, too.

Q: Will "the mother and the child visit by specialist job come, too"?
A: We perform "the mother and the child visit" that we performed separately from "hello baby visit", but are for baby that there are few first childbirth and weight conventionally. Provide request for visit at birth contact vote.

If baby is born, please submit birth contact vote

<inquiry> Child-rearing Support Section
TEL 978-2215 (visit exclusive telephone)
FAX 978-2422

... mother and the child visit business ...

Obstetrical teacher and health nurse visit targeting at mothers and identify health condition of the mother and the child as the first baby and talk about the nursing and childcare mainly.
In addition, after the second child, we visit when we worry about case and childcare with a little birth weight. When visit is hoped for, you have window of the Health and Welfare Center 37th provide by birth contact vote attaching to "maternity record book" after filling out request for visit directly, or please send by mail.

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<inquiry> Child-rearing Support Section
TEL 978-2456
FAX 978-2422

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Telephone: 045-978-2457

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