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 Words of child are restless slowly, may not be worry and anxiety including ki unwillingly? Through play to move the body in parent and child, let's learn art to spend with child happily.

Last update date January 4, 2021

[important] About correspondence that new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention requires

We reopen from held minute on Friday, July 10. We would like application from the lower page.

Conduct summary

  • Contents: Parent and child play, one point advice
  • Object: Child at 1 year, 7 months old - 2 years, 0 months old and the protector. (pregnant person cannot participate.) where mother is not pregnant
  • Application: On last month 1-20 of the date when you wish to participate, we can apply from the lower this page.
  • Venue: The 15th in Aoba Ward the first floor of the government office Health and Welfare Center
  • The date and time: In principle second Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 (reception desk: at 9:40 a.m.)
nashikachankurabu schedule
July 10September 11October 9December 11February 12, 2021

March 12

Application method


  • In Android terminal, support model is available after Android5.0. As for iPhone, iPad, after iOS5.0 deployment model is available.
  • As screen of electronic application system opens, please input required items according to guidance.
  • E-mail address having you register recommends PC e-mail address.
  • When application is completed, news email arrives within 30 minutes. When email does not arrive, e-mail address has error or may not apply normally. When possible, please register PC e-mail address.
  • We have a lot of notification that application completion email does not reach by domain refusal setting.[email protected]Can receive email of the sky; please confirm whether is set.
  • In the case of a lot of applications, it becomes lottery. We will tell about the right or wrong of participation by email by all means after the application deadline. We cannot have you participate concerning venue even if we come over to where is not won on the day of the classroom when it becomes lottery. Thank you for your understanding.

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