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Reservation method of baby food classroom       

※We stop for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread until June 30.                                        ※We perform baby food consultation during suspension period. Please make a reservation in Health Promotion Section (☎978-2441).

Last update date July 20, 2020

Contents: Story (mainly on twice food) of baby food, cooking demonstration, consultation
Object: Child and protector capacity ①② for each ten sets (first-come-first-served basis) 9-month-old by Aoba Ward residence from seven months  
    The number of participants per one set should be one adult, child one.   
    (we recommend early attendance twice after becoming meal.)
Holding time: ①From 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 from ② 1:15 p.m. to 2:00 
      ※We hold by a small number of people system, the same contents for prevention of new coronavirus infection twice for the time being.
Venue: We cannot enter by Aoba Ward the first floor of the government office, the 18th (nutrition counselor's office) stroller in green leaves Health and Welfare Center.
Parking lot becomes free from parking to one hour. Bring stationed-in-bike-race ticket to venue.

(1) We make a reservation over telephone

Phone number 045-978-2441 (Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section)
(1)On classroom name, (2) preferred date, the date of birth of (3) child, please let know full name of (4) child, name of a street of (5) house, (6) Phone number.

(2) We make a reservation from PC, smartphone

Please click "application" of the date when lower table (the dates for baby food lesson) hopes.
(when error message appears and cannot apply, please confirm "(outside site) when error indication was given".

In the case of application, we inform that application arrived by email after the application from PC, smartphone.
@ part (domain) or less of e-mail address, please set so that email from receives.
When email does not come after the application even if 30 minutes pass, please refer.

Holding schedule    It is 00 15~2 1 15~12 11 in 00 ② afternoons in the ① morning at time  
The dateTarget child (seven months child - nine months child)ApplicationAcceptance day
Wednesday, June 10Baby food consultation (telephone makes a reservation in Health Promotion Section individual consultation)978-2441We make a reservation until the day before
Wednesday, July 1It was born in from September 2, 2019 to December 1, 2019

①Application (the outside site)
②Application (the outside site)

June 10 ...
Wednesday, July 22It was born in from September 23, 2019 to December 22, 2019

①Application (the outside site)
②Application (the outside site)

July 1 ...
Wednesday, August 26It was born in from October 27, 2019 to January 26, 2020

①Application (the outside site)
②Application (the outside site)

August 5 ...
Wednesday, September 9It was born in from November 10, 2019 to February 9, 2020sarukomimiAugust 19 ...
Wednesday, September 30It was born in from December 1, 2019 to March 1, 2020sarukomimiSeptember 9 ...

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