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Event "donichi ★ open space" for parent and child

Last update date January 15, 2021

[important news]

February, 2021 program omochimashitedonichi ★We finish conduct of open space.

About extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease

  • For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, it becomes conduct that it limits the number of people.
  • As application method becomes first-come-first-served basis not lottery, please be careful.
  • Participation is not expected on that day when we have you take temperature at home by all means, and there are fever and poor physical condition 37 degrees or more.
  • Include child, and, for the infectious disease prevention, please cooperate with mask wearing.
  • For one child, it, please be said that attendant of protector is to one person.
  • Program may be called off by the future infectious disease expansion situation.

★Event program for non-school children and family★

Aoba Ward citizen cooperation business donichihiroba



Application method

February, 2021 conduct program

January, 2021 conduct program

About program conduct at the time of stormy weather

★Your child care becomes more fun!

donichihiroba flyer(PDF: 304KB)

donichihiroba flyer(PDF: 302KB)

donichi ★Open space conduct summary (PDF: 304KB)        Program contents (PDF: 302KB)

★Program contents
○Cooperation company and Aoba Ward are collaboration and carry out event to be able to enjoy in parent and child on Saturday and Sunday! Entrance fee is free in principle!
○Program is contents utilized characteristic of cooperation company! About concrete schedule, please see conduct program.

★Conduct place
○We perform in "purazarumu" of "Tama-Plaza community care plaza" on Tama-Plaza Station direct connection (a 1-minute walk) Tama-Plaza terrace link plaza the fourth floor.

Conduct place
Tama-Plaza community care plaza

Yokohama-shi Tama-Plaza community care plaza
"purazarumu" (multi-purpose hall 2)
〒 225-0003
2-1-15, Shinishikawa, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi
Tama-Plaza terrace link plaza the fourth floor
(Denentoshi Line Tama-Plaza Station direct connection)
TEL: 045-910-5211 FAX: 045-910-5231

★Eligible people
○It applies to Yokohama citizen led by green leaves inhabitant of a ward!
(we can apply for the suburbs and ward outside, too, but, in the case of a lot of applications, give priority to participation of green leaves inhabitant of a ward.)
○It applies to non-school children and the family! (please participate in parent and child. Target age varies according to each program.)

★About "Aoba Ward citizen cooperation child care support project"
We carry out event "donichi ★ open space" that Aoba Ward and company cooperate for the purpose of providing new service that administration, each company cannot provide alone to inhabitants of a ward and perform.
Plan realized by inviting public participation for company which became partner through the structure "cowound front desk" of citizen cooperation in Yokohama-shi, and having had cooperation to our business report.

[participation company] (the company name order of the kana syllabary)
★Asahi group food (the outside site)
★(general incorporated foundation) Institute for language interchange, hippofamirikurabu (the outside site)
★famirie kindahausu frontier partners (the outside site)
★mahanafurasutajio mahanaintanashonarurimiteddo (the outside site)
★MEGALOS Ichigao (the outside site)

  • You can apply for for next month every month from Aoba Ward homepage.
  • Application becomes first-come-first-served basis from 15th every month. Apply early.
  • If we accept, and notice arrives, it is application completion. Come on the program date for application.


  • Please click link displayed from the following itinerary by program name you like. As screen of electronic application system opens, please input required items according to guidance.
  • When application is completed, news email arrives within 30 minutes. As e-mail address has error when email does not arrive, or may not apply normally, inquire over telephone (045-978-2456), or email ([email protected]Clearly stating program name and full name which had you apply in), please refer.
  • [email protected]And[email protected] Please set so that email of the sky receives.
  • When error message appears and cannot apply,When we cannot applyPlease see this.
  • I would like application by family unit. (when you wish to participate with friend, apply in each family.)
  • One (1 family) can have you apply for plural event programs of nonidentical contents, but one (1 family) cannot apply for the same event program redundantly. In addition, about program that conduct time has multiple by the same contents, please refrain from applying for each.
First-come-first-served basis recruits about conduct program from January 15 in February. Apply early.
※Program may be called off by the future infectious disease expansion situation.
February, 2021 conduct program
DateProgram nameEligible people, capacityExplanationCompany name
14th Sunday



Parent and child exercise classroom

It is for PC (the outside site)

It is for smartphone (the outside site)

2 years, 6 months old ... non-school children and the protector

Eight sets

It is said that nervous system accomplishes 80% of growth by around 5 years old after being born. We are afraid what we should work in at this time. In this course, we carry out contents which fitted needs such as trendy programs. Contracted instructor of gym MEGALOS Ichigao of charge pushes forward lesson happily. We accept trouble consultation.
※Come in mobile clothes.
[belonging: drink, towel, mask]


It was finished in schedule of program in January.

When heavy rain warning, storm warning, heavy snow advisory is announced in the Yokohama city, as of 8:00 a.m., it is called off. About conduct of the day, you see page of Yokohama-shi public weather information by yourself, and I would like judgment. In addition, event is called off when heavy rain warning, storm warning, heavy snow advisory is canceled after 8:00 a.m.

[page of Yokohama-shi public weather information] (the outside site)

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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