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List of child care information

Last update date August 31, 2020

Thing about the pregnancy, childbirth

If we become pregnant

Consultation, classroom

If baby is born

Child care support

It is MAP which local child care support project understands. There are publications such as Pediatrics or nursery school!

It is child care support information booklet which came out of voice of moms.

From the pregnancy period to blue boyhood, we made roadmap which support that did not have break understood at glance.

We play and are made with friend


We carry out on Saturday and Sunday! "donichi ★ open space" to be able to enjoy in parent and child

Public facilities which are usable in parent and child


Consultation of tooth of child

There is mention on page 4 of "news from Health and Welfare Center" about 1 year old child (classroom of leaf of 1 year old child) to a bright shine with a smile.

Consultation organization about childcare, education

(Aoba Ward) Local training society

Aoba Ward area liaison meeting details page

Support file Kakehashi

Support file Kakehashi details page

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Aoba Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

Telephone: 045-978-2457

Telephone: 045-978-2457

Fax: 045-978-2422

E-Mail address [email protected]

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