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Disaster prevention, evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter)

Last update date March 6, 2019

House where everybody lives collapses and, also, shelters in evacuation shelter appointed in 41 elementary and junior high schools when we are in danger of collapsing.
Evacuation shelter includes function that we receive, and transmission, disaster prevention equipments store food of information, and administration is performed by the local governing board.
We usually confirm safe course to evacuation shelter and will allow that cliff or wall made of blocks avoid dangerous place and evacuate.
In addition, let's participate in disaster drill performed in evacuation shelter.

Please confirm the evacuation local details listed like "some ○○ towns" in Aoba Ward disaster prevention map (PDF: 4,289KB).

Evacuation shelter table
The base nameAddressPhone numberApplicable area
1Nara Elementary School1541-2, Naracho962-1063Part of Naracho, part of Nara 4, Nara 5, Midoriyama
2Hill Elementary School of NaraNara 2-29-1962-5391A part of Naracho, Hajime Nara chome - 3, a part of Nara 4
3Nara Junior High School36-3, Sumiyoshidai962-2753Sumiyoshidai, a part of Naracho
4Akanedai Junior High School2-8-2, Akanedai985-50101, Akanedai, 2, a part of Ondacho
5Tana Elementary School51-13, Tanacho981-0009Part, Tanacho of Ondacho
6Satsukigaoka Elementary School8, Satsukigaoka974-1091Satsukigaoka, Shiratoridai
7Tsutsujigaoka Elementary School34, Tsutsujigaoka981-7117Tsutsujigaoka
8Enokigaoka Elementary School29, Enokigaoka983-1067Enokigaoka, a part of Shofuudai
9Katsura Elementary SchoolKatsura stand 1-4961-7211Katsura stand 1, a part of Shofuudai
10Onda Elementary SchoolKatsura stand 2-36961-7651Katsura stand 2, a part of Wakakusadai
11Midori Kamoshida Elementary School532, Kamoshidacho962-2261Part, Jikecho, Nareai-cho of Kamoshidacho
12Kamoshida first Elementary School805-6, Kamoshidacho962-2750Part, 2, Tachibanadai of Kamoshidacho
13Iron elementary school427, Kuroganecho971-4016Kuroganecho, a part of Oba-cho
14Mitakedai Elementary School18, Mitakedai971-9921Part, 1, Tachibanadai of Sakuradai
15Mitakedai Junior High School30, Mitakedai971-6431Mitakedai, a part of Kamiyamotocho
16Aobadai Elementary School47, Sakuradai983-1061A part of the stage setting of a cherry tree, a part of Wakakusadai
17Aobadai Junior High School2-25-2, Aobadai983-10621, Aobadai, 2
18Moegino Elementary School16, Moegino973-4044Moegino, Kakinokidai, a part of Kamiyamotocho
19Fujigaoka Elementary School2-30-3, Fujigaoka971-4121A part of 2, Fujigaoka
20Tanimoto Junior High School5, Umegaoka973-7108Umegaoka
21Tanimoto Elementary School1-55-10, Fujigaoka973-71091, Fujigaoka, Shimoyamotocho
22Midorigaoka Junior High School50-1, Chigusadai973-5316Chigusadai, a part of 2, Fujigaoka
23East Ichigao Elementary School519, Ichigaocho973-2590A part of Ichigaocho
24Edanishi Elementary School4-5-1, Edanishi911-44811, Edanishi - 5
25Eda Elementary School694, Edaminamicho, Tsuzuki-ku911-0149A part of Edacho
26Ichigao Elementary School1632-1, Ichigaocho973-5722Part of Ichigaocho, part of Oba-cho, 1, Edakita - 3
27Azamino second Elementary School3-29-3, Azamino902-48663, Azamino, 2, Azaminominami - 4, Misuzugaoka, a part of Oba-cho
28The best elementary school in Azamino4-6-1, Azamino902-71514, Azamino, a part of Motoishikawacho
29Azamino Junior High School1-29-1, Azamino902-48361, Azamino, 2
30Kurosuda Elementary School34-1, Kurosuda972-0755Part, Kurosuda of Oba-cho
31kensanshogakuko1-6-4, Susukino902-71611, Susukino-cho, 2, part, Mominokidai of 3, Susukino
32Susukino Elementary School3-4-1, Susukino901-6232A part of 3, Utsukushigaokanishi, a part of 3, Susukino
33Ekoda Elementary School3-8-9, Ekoda901-33311, Ekoda - 3
34Motoishikawa elementary school4-31-1, Utsukushigaoka902-18214, Utsukushigaoka, a part of Motoishikawacho
35Yamauchi Junior High School5-4, Utsukushigaoka901-00305, Utsukushigaoka
36Yamauchi Elementary School1-20-1, Shinishikawa911-00031, Azaminominami, 1, Shinishikawa, a part of 2, Shinishikawa, a part of Edacho
37Shinishikawa Elementary School3-12-1, Shinishikawa911-6281Part of 2, Shinishikawa, 3, Shinishikawa, 4
38Utsukushigaoka east Elementary School2-25, Utsukushigaoka901-0931A part of 1, Utsukushigaoka, a part of 2, Utsukushigaoka
39Utsukushigaoka Elementary School2-29, Utsukushigaoka901-3408A part of 1, Utsukushigaoka, a part of 2, Utsukushigaoka
40Utsukushigaoka Junior High School3-41-1, Utsukushigaoka901-6758Part, 3, Utsukushigaoka of 2, Utsukushigaoka
41Utsukushigaokanishi Elementary School2-48-1, Utsukushigaokanishi902-04501, Utsukushigaokanishi, 2, a part of 3, Utsukushigaokanishi, a part of Motoishikawacho

In evacuation shelter, we store water, food, disaster prevention equipments necessary for lifesaving and life as an evacuee. In addition, we display signature of each base on the roof to become indication in the case of conveyance of supplies and severely wounded person using helicopter.
List of evacuation shelter storage product, amount (PDF: 112KB)

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