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Constitution of Yokohama-shi website

Last update date March 22, 2019

Main site constitution

According to purposes of user, we classify information in four

We divide into four classifications of "living, synthesis" "sightseeing, event" "product for companies information" "information, plan of city" and place information according to purposes of user in our site.

We publish information to be useful for information for necessary/required procedures and consultation counter, daily livings in administrative services including report, application.

We publish sightseeing and culture art, information or information of event about history.

We place information for auction information, industrial development, company support, various regulation, company including application method.

We place organization and approach, financial status of Yokohama-shi, information about municipal administration including statistics data.

Page except four classifications

Page constitution

Constitution of contents page


Index (global navigation) according to the field that we classified in four categories is installed.
In addition, sound reading, letter expansion, multilingual information page, site map, search by keyword, link to Yokohama-shi call center are installed.

②pankuzu navigation

It is "navigation indicating current position" displayed with global navigation.

③The page text

It is main contents of page seeing.

④Reference of this page

It is making department of page seeing and reference of page.

⑤Local navigation

We display page seeing and "page that is in the same menu" with list. List is displayed when we push down button which is adjacent to menu.


We publish about approach to how to use and Web accessibility of our site. You can see opinion, inquiry and the location guidance from this, too.

The screen display for the one for PC and smartphone

Layout displayed at width of browser changes

Our site adopts resuponshibudezain, and appropriate screen is displayed by width of browser of user.
Therefore we lay out screen for PC in using with PC, and screen layout for smartphone is displayed in using with smartphone.

The screen display for PC and the screen display for smartphone

In addition, we can change to screen layout for PC when we click link in the lower page of screen layout for smartphone.

There is link to change to screen layout for PC in the lower page of screen layout for smartphone

Inquiry to this page

The Civic Affairs Bureau public information consultation Service Department public relations section

Telephone: 045-671-2349

Telephone: 045-671-2349

Fax: 045-661-2351

E-Mail address [email protected]

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