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When information is not found

Last update date March 29, 2019

We settled method to find information you are looking for in our site. When information is not found, please use.

We look for from four classifications

In our site, we greatly classify information in four items. As there is button of these four classifications in the upper part of each page, we can look for information to want to know from there.

We locate button of four classifications in the upper part of each page

  • Living, synthesis
    We publish information to be useful for information for necessary/required procedures and consultation counter, daily livings in administrative services including report, application.
  • Sightseeing, event
    We publish sightseeing and culture art, information or information of event about history.
  • Information for companies
    We place information for auction information, industrial development, company support, various regulation, company including application method.
  • Information, plan of city
    We place organization and approach, financial status of Yokohama-shi, information about municipal administration including statistics data.

We look for from information seen well

At such time

Search by Keywords

About archive of former Yokohama-shi website

It archives former Yokohama-shi website as of March 26, 2019 after the renewal for a while and is released.
But please note that page may be deleted in archive site.

We look for from search in site

We can look for information you are looking for in keyword. Please input keyword of information to want to know into the search box at top of the page. We can narrow down the number when we have keyword leaves space and input plural number.

We locate the search box in the upper part of each page

We look for from site map

We display main item published in our site with list.
Site map

We look for from organization

We introduce organization name and main duties in charge of.
Organization of city

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