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The Kashio River (lend brook)

Extension (butterfly not to get) Approximately 11km The Kashio River
Basin area
It is quite 84km2

 The Kashio River is the second grade river of extension approximately 11km before joining in the Sakai River main stream in Kawana, Fujisawa-shi from Akuwa River of Kashiocho, Totsuka-ku and junction of Ei Hirato Tanikawa.
Basin area is the second size in about 84km2, Yokohama-shi. City of basin is typical city river which becoming went ahead through.
In the dike part, promenade is maintained under the row of cherry blossom trees named ream endlessly. In addition, there is passage to go along waterside where flowers grow thick and can enjoy walk while we feel flow of water close.
It is the Kashio River lasting approximately 4km linearly in ward, but expression of the waterside is different little by little in several places. Here, we introduce each expression of each place.
▼The outskirts of Yoshida-cho Park
 From stairs of opposite side of Yoshida-cho Park, it can fall in open space of lawn in riverbed. As for figure of heron for fish being seen in waterside. In the flower bed along way, local people are doing maintenance.

The Kashio River
▼Around Sakurabashi
The Kashio River  Two places of stages are established in three places, the right bank in the left bank. There are stairs becoming approach to the water's edge. Backed by building group and row of cherry blossom trees around Totsuka Station, it is main venue where many people gather.

▼Takashima Bridge - Kashio River Ohashi
 Row of cherry blossom trees ranges endlessly. In addition, ear of Japanese pampas grass shakes on building a breakwater slope like Shiranami when it is autumn.

The Kashio River
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